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This is the official website for San Diego's funkiest young singer-songwriter, Nick Crook. Here you can find updates, photos, and more info regarding what he's up to. Come on in!

soul. released on iTunes worldwide!

Stoked to announce my new EP "soul." is now available worldwide on iTunes!! Just search "nick crook soul" and it'll come up. I think they may have messed up the track listing but that's okay haha. Those wanting to jam it before you buy it, lookout for the songs to show up on Spotify in a few weeks.

SIDENOTE! playing a solo show at Lestat's West Music Venue. tonight, should be pretty chill (as in maybe the first set I've played in SD sitting down) and will be trying out some new songs. come hang out. :)

                                                                                      Need some new music? Check out my EP here!