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This is the official website for San Diego's funkiest young singer-songwriter, Nick Crook. Here you can find updates, photos, and more info regarding what he's up to. Come on in!

A belated Happy New Year!


I hope your holidays were swell! It has been quite a while since I posted anything on here, and I apologize! You hopefully have noticed that the site has been redone, and things are a little more simple and a lot more sexy. 

So check it out. There are big plans for this year. To start, the band is back. That means less solo shows (besides restaurants probably because hey, I gotsta eat) and more full band shows. Also, this band will not be named "Nick Crook". My friends, I present to you...

the new... the fab...the funky...

The People's Groove.

TPG will be playing the old songs from Soul and others I wrote during my solo venture, but will also be my main writing project. I'm very, very excited as I have always wanted a good band of my own and I feel like we are almost ready to knock your socks off. Here's the exciting thing: We have shows this month! You can find those at the "Where I'm Playing" tab above. Note that some of the shows in the calendar are solo, so be sure to check out what kind of show it is before.

Oh, and what's that? The People's Groove might tour this summer? Crazy...

More soon. Hope you all are doing well. Stick with me and as always, keep it funky.

- NC

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